Global Group Capital Management Ltd.

Global Group Capital Management Limited (GGCM) offers mergers and acquisition, capital raising, strategic advice and management services to a range of clients worldwide, including deep relationships with Chinese economic stakeholders.

Through our parent company Global Group International Holdings Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong with additional offices in Beijing and Shanghai, we have the ability to co-invest alongside clients and client-related companies, and participate on company boards and committees.

With extensive global networks and relationships, substantial sector knowledge and specialist corporate finance expertise, our Directors robustly deliver optimal solutions to clients who value experience, judgement, insight and innovative thinking.

Global Group Capital Management is uniquely placed to capitalise on, and to underpin, China inbound and outbound mergers, acquisitions and capital raisings. Learn more about our Services.

Quote from our Chairman

Dr. Johnny Hon

Chairman and CEO

At Global Group Capital Management, our outlook is truly global – we believe that talent and intellect are universal characteristics, not cultural ones. Through our network, we leverage information and perspectives from across the globe to provide our clients with an exceptional service.