Global Group Capital Management Ltd.

What We Do

Global Group Capital Management’s team has considerable experience navigating challenging and complex strategic and financial situations.

Our comprehensive independent advisory services include mergers and acquisitions, strategic advisory, financial restructuring, capital structuring and raising initiatives which create value for clients. Clients benefit not only from our talent and experience but also from the global perspectives of our experts and influencers who are focused on helping clients achieve their strategic goals.

Essentially, Global Group Capital Management offers clients Merchant Banking in its traditional sense – led by client requirements.

Global Group Capital Management is committed to providing impartial, advice to clients on the listing process. We work with a variety of brokers and advisers to ensure the highest standards of service, and optimising the chances of a successful outcome.

  • Initial feasibility analysis
  • Advice on timing and structure
  • Analysis of valuation expectations and which stock exchange is most suited to attaining the client’s stated strategic objectives
  • Guidance with respect to regulatory aspects pertaining to a listing
  • Advice on board and shareholder composition and associated governance
  • Assistance and identification of appropriate professional advisory team (e.g. brokers, underwriters, etc.)
  • Coordination and project management of the process

Our dedicated, independent and experienced M&A team ensures our clients achieve their desired growth, synergy, value, scale and structure. We offer considerable experience across the sell-side and buy-side, providing clients with robust and expedient leadership on complex acquisition, integration, merger, divestiture, business separation, shareholder relations and defence initiatives.

  • Take overs, including complex cross border transactions – both public and private
  • Bid defence
  • Take privates
  • Sourcing of debt, equity and equity-linked instruments to finance transactions
  • Buyouts/Buy-ins – both primary and tertiary
  • Sourcing of acquisition targets
  • Valuation analysis of target businesses/assets
  • Quarterbacking and coordinating the due diligence exercise
  • Negotiating relevant documentation – whether that be sale and purchase agreements, shareholder agreements or other relevant documentation
  • Structuring transactions to minimise risks to the client

Our team of seasoned expert strategists navigate and guide our clients on their path to success by offering tailored, informed and instrumental advice and recommendations as well as astute strategies to identify opportunities, refine vision, establish benchmarks, implement decisions and measure results on all fronts of capital structuring and raising.

  • Market reviews
  • Board structuring and advice
  • Advice to activist shareholders
  • Business and financial restructuring advice
  • Pre-IPO and IPO – listing on premium and secondary markets

With global exposure and extensive expertise, our well-positioned capital structuring specialists provide integrated solutions across debt and equity to help clients optimise their capital structure and realise their growth and value maximisation.

Debt / Equity Fundraising
  • Optimal capital structure
  • Best timing
  • Appropriate sources of debt and equity
  • Optimal positioning to maximise potential fund-raising objectives
  • Market conditions and investor sentiment
Debt Funding Packages

Our knowledge and experience in structuring debt packages includes:

  • Traditional senior secured debt
  • Mezzanine funding and alternate debt instruments
  • Convertible debt instruments
  • Off-take agreement facilities
Equity Raising
  • On market offers – including placings and rights issues
  • Off market offers – including venture capital, private equity and private placements

Given our unique and deep relationships and experience in China, Global Group Capital Management is well placed to advise its clients on China cross-border mergers and acquisitions and capital raisings.

For our Chinese clients, Global Group Capital Management’s experience and expertise ensures these clients are able to compete effectively in cross-border M&A. In our experience, Chinese companies often face a unique set of challenges when conducting M&A internationally, both in terms of their actual ability to execute a deal and the view of the seller of that ability.

Combining our experience of complex cross-border mergers and acquisitions with our deep understanding of Chinese business practice, we are able to assess and resolve these challenges to maximise our client’s probability of success.

In disposal transactions for non-Chinese clients, Global Group Capital Management has the ability to reach credible Chinese investors and acquirers. Furthermore, Global Group Capital Management is able to support the disposal process to potential Chinese acquirers through tailoring Chinese language materials, culturally sensitive presentation and pin pointed roadshows to maximise potential interest from Chinese acquirers.

We are also able to advise and support clients who seek to invest in China – whether that be advising on JV partner selection, JV structuring or assessing Chinese acquisition opportunities.

We are also able to advise Chinese clients on funding – whether that be debt or equity funding, to further their international expansion plans.

In terms of industry focus, Global Group Capital Management, together with its parent and affiliates has experience of successfully completing client transactions and investing in the following sectors

  • Alternative / renewable energy
  • Automation
  • Banking and Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Electronic Components and Sensors
  • Entertainment and Gaming
  • Financial Services
  • Forest Products
  • Information and Telecommunication Technology
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Life Sciences (medical and biotechnology)
  • Media
  • Mining
  • New Materials / Chemical Technologies
  • Property Development
  • Sports
  • Transport and Logistics